What a crock.

I would just like to lodge a quick complaint here. As pretty much all of you know, ever since sophomore year of college, I have been a pretty typical American college male. I have eaten too much, drank too much (though not as much as those frat boys by a longshot), and not exercised pretty much at all. This has resulted in one hell of a beer belly. Well, now that I’m single and getting older, I decided a year ago that it’s time to lose some weight. Since I came to Glasgow, I’ve yo-yoed quite a bit, and though I’ve started going to the gym every day again, I’m not too proud of myself considering I’ve managed to regain a lot of the weight that I had worked so hard to lose.

Now I know I’m overweight. It sucks, but there you have it. I decided this morning to get online and find out just how much the world at large says I SHOULD way considering my height and frame. And this is my complaint: According to any number of sites, men are supposed to start with the height of 5’0″ and the weight of 106 pounds and add 6 pounds for every inch over 5’0″. So being 5’9″ or so, I should weigh all of 160 pounds. Some sites say a 15% leeway is OK (meaning I can weigh as much as 184), but still! I’m sorry, but I haven’t weighed 160 since junior high school. I weighed more than that when I was on a State Champion swim team. It also means that according to that I need too lose something in the region of up to 85 pounds!

Yeah, I’m overweight. But I’m not that overweight. I’m officially a non-believer in ideal weights. I don’t know if these are just designed for guys with Spencer’s frame or what, but there’s no WAY anyone can expect a guy with shoulders like mine to weigh just 160! Argh!!!


“I’m not fat, I’m big boned!”
~Trey Parker (as Cartman) – “South Park”

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