College radio . . . who’d a thunk it?

I’ve never listened to it, despite the fact that the University of Arizona had a pretty good one (so I’m told . . . like I said, I never listened). However, a few weeks ago I had another sureal moment and thus I find myself at half twelve in the morning listening to the University of Glasgow public radio on webcast. An explanation:

Entirely too early on the morning of December 20th, 2004 I found myself at Glasgow International Airport getting ready to fly to London Heathrow before continuing on to San Francisco and thence to Phoenix. While waiting for check-in to start I noticed a hottie also sitting around in the lobby. Nice looking chick, so when they opened up the station and she made her way into the same two lines, I was thrilled. I tried to get within range to casually strike up a conversation with her, but I made a drastically wrong choice in lines. Mine stood still for literally half an hour, during which time she went all the way through the queue and was through — gone from my life (boo hoo). “Man, did I make a bad line choice,” I said mostly to myself. The very short blonde next to me in the same line agreed. Then we started chatting.

Stop. This is not a love story. Just needed that said right now.

Moving on. Started chatting with this bird Lisa. Turns out she’s on her way back to LA and her husband. She’s halfway done with an MPhil in Scottish Literature, and shock of all shocks, we have a mutual friend. This guy in my programme named Braden briefly dated her best friend Maureen (hence the surealness. I’m getting on a plane to London and the smallness of the world gets demonstrated significantly. Weird). We laughed, sat next to each other on the plane, and then went our seperate ways . . . no biggie. Once we got back here we hung out a couple of times, and she took my spare ticket to see Henry Rollins do a spoken word concert on Tuesday (the show absolutely ROCKED by the way. Anyone wanting to get me something, feel free to buy me his other spoken word CDs).

Now I find myself listening to said chica spin surprisingly good techno on the college radio webcast — See? I always get to the point eventually!

I didn’t however say that this was a particularly interesting story. I’ve just made a paltry two entries on this blog all month (hence all year) and that’s just not right! I’m sure it’s ever so disappointing for my enormous fan base when I don’t make a better effort to update . . .

That’s about all I know for the moment. I’ll just tell you that I’m currently reading Chivalry by Maurice Keen in an effort to prep for my class on the same subject coming up in a couple of months. What I should be reading is anything about anything so that I can write a paper due in about three weeks. But I’m a procrastinator, so what do you expect?

Oh! Thought I would share something with you folks. As you know, I’m a fan of modern fiction. The spy novel, the mystery, the adventure, the fantasy . . . I dig most of it. Well, I recently read Trojan Odyssey by Clive Cussler. If you can get through his very obvious way of writing, his books can be really enjoyable and this is no exception. You also have to be willing to accept his perpetual need to re-write history. In this case, Cussler has imported the thesis of Where Troy Once Stood (retails for about $500) by Iman Wilkens namely that Troy was not in Southwestern Turkey, but rather in Southwestern England. Homer wasn’t a Greek poet but rather a Celtic one (and possibly a druid as well). The Achaeans were actually Continental Celts (“Achaean” apparently being a word for “alliance” in ancient Gaelic), and Odysseus’ . . . well . . . Odyssey took place mostly in the Caribbean. While I am very skeptical of this concept, I guess I’d really need to read the original book before I buy any of it. I just thought those of you who were forced to study either the Illiad or the Odyssey (which I genuinely hope was all of you) might find it interesting that every classicist for the past three thousand years has gotten it all wrong!

OK, now I’m done. I’ll catch you all on the flipside!

” . . . my moral high horse is a three-legged nag with no teeth, that smells of death, and has flies and vultures circling above it.”
~Henry Rollins – “Shock and Awe” (paraquoted)

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