Latin blows.

I’m just saying that because I have a test tomorrow. It does not in fact blow. Eh, who am I kidding? It’s not like I’m going to have any hidden Latin afficionados coming to my website, now am I? So with the test fast approaching, I’ve been studying my quite large butt off. I do my studying at my desk (on top of the closed lid of my laptop, my desktop being out of commission since I tried to install Linux on one of the harddrives), and so when I just can’t take anymore sum es est summus estis sunt I tend to just get online and write a bit. This has resulted in many e-mails to people that I’ve been neglecting (don’t worry, if you haven’t heard from me yet, I still have lots of time before the test so lots of breaks coming up), but also a couple of updates to the website. Please follow me on my journey.

When I first registered, I chose to host it on the website WebHost 2 because I already had an account with them thanks to Well, I haven’t been thrilled with the service (not the least of which because they simply would not respond to me when I kept trying to cancel the hosting of, so when I registered I chose to go with a different company (InMotion Hosting). So when the registration renewal time came for SIK, I jumped at the chance to switch. I’m now a happy customer of InMotion, at least partially because the cgi script that the previous screw-ups provided frequently didn’t work. It does here though, and case in point is right here. What you’ll find is a new way to get a hold of me. On a public computer? Can’t really get to your normal e-mail account? Just go ahead and and go to the Form Mail page (bottom of the main menu bar) and you can just type in a message and it’ll get sent right out to me. Pretty cool, huh?

You’ll also notice that I’ve relocated the notification of the best resolution for this site (not terribly important, but it was annoying me where it was), and that I’ve re-created the guestbook . . . which alas means that there are no longer any entries on there. Go ahead and get writing so that I don’t look like such a loser! And finally, I have collected all the entries from the year 2004 into one link for space saving purposes. But go ahead, click on it. It’s pretty cool if you ask me!

Other than that, there really isn’t THAT much exciting going on. My life consists largely of studying for Latin and working these days, and I’m not doing the later because it’s just been so dead over at Jinty’s! I personally think it’s because so many students are still out of town. It’ll pick up soon, I’m sure. But in the mean time, I’m probably due another couple hours in the slave pits of Latin.


“I’m moving to Phoenix. I got a job.”
Awkward silence
Something you apply for and they pay you to… Never mind, I don’t want to ruin the surprise.
~Jason Bateman (as Michael Bluth) – “Arrested Development” Season 1 Episode 1

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