My goodness!

Who’d a thunk it? Pictures of me that are good! First is a pic taken of me in Jinty’s when I was trying to finish off a roll (also taken then is this picture of Ryan Lynch, son of Jinty, mixing up some sort of concoction. He’s our resident MixMaster). Next is one from my friend Kerry’s graduation a few weeks ago. The people in this one are, from left to right, Kerry Bradfield, her boyfriend (and my friend) Alex Gauntt, me, and Kerry’s flatmate Sarah (and here is another one where Alex doesn’t look so goofy). Also check out this cool pic I managed to take when Kerry was looking somewhere else. I like it, but would like it even more if I had taken a half step to the left before I pressed the shutter!

In case you haven’t noticed, I have posted copious amounts of pictures from the Roma trip. There are over one hundred photographs so be prepared!

Other than the picture excitement, not much out of the ordinary is happening. I spent my weekend freezing my gonads off at work (the temperature has started dropping to the -5 C range regularly, which annoys me greatly) and not much else. Just trying to get a handle on Latin and the whole Medieval Studies thing. I actually have the Day from Hell coming in December. On Friday the 10th I will face a Latin Exam followed by an all day conference in which I will have to present a half hour paper on something I’ve hardly started researching, and the day will be wrapped up by a shift at work. So excited!

Speaking of excited (but not sarcastic), I’ve got tickets to see the Barenaked Ladies tomorrow night. I haven’t got someone to go with, but I don’t think I’ll have too much trouble going all by my lonesome. To get myself revved up, I’ve been downloading like a fiend trying to replace my previous collection of their music. I think it’s gonna be a good time!


“So I’m lying here, just starting at the ceiling tiles.
and I’m thinking about what to think about.
Just listening and relistening to Smiley Smile,
and I’m wondering if this is some kind of creative drought”
~Barenaked Ladies – “Brian Wilson”

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