SO much happening . . .

First off, I’ve got to move. Turns out my land lady is not actually breaking even with my rent, so she has decided to sell the flat. Technically I’ve got until March to find a new place as that’s when she wants to put this one on the market. I have no desire to pay the extra rent and spend all the time worrying about being able to find a new flat at the right moment. I’ll just panic the whole time. So, I’ve started looking for a new place. Right now I’m leaning towards this one (link won’t work for long, check it out now!). It’s considerably cheaper than where I am now (though not as cheap as I would ideally like) but I just got back from looking at it, and I think I dig it. I’ll keep you all updated.

Second bit of news is that I’ve blown a whole wad of cash buying myself concert tickets. Along the same lines of “gotta see Europe while I’m here” compulsion is the “gotta see some groovy concerts while I’m in a place where bands actually come” vibe. As such, when I saw an advert for Henry Rollins’ often-incindiary spoken word concert coming to Glasgow in January, I hopped online and bought a couple of tickets. While on the venue’s site I explored a bit and discovered that Barenaked Ladies are gonna be in Glasgow on November 30th. Well, I couldn’t turn that down and so bought a pair of tickets to that too. Then I remembered that someone at work mentioned that Flogging Molly was coming to Edinburgh. I quickly hunted down tickets for that as well. All told I bought 8 tickets (4 for Flogging Molly. Chris already wanted to go so I grabbed a couple for him too) in the space of about 15 minutes and spent £? (not gonna tell you, as people might get mad at me for dropping bundles of cash right when I’m about to go to Rome and drop some more) on the whole enterprise.

So that’s gonna be fun in the next few weeks. But tonight will be even more fun. Because tonight will be likely the LAST afterparty in this flat. After work tonight I’m going to lead a mass exodus of Ashton Lane employees and sundry others down Byres Road to my flat where we will annoy the neighbors roughly until a) the cops are called or b) we pass out from exhaustion and/or alcohol poisoning . . . just kidding on that last bit. I’ve no problem with the cops showing . . . we know about half of them anyway. But ambulances really aren’t my thing! Speaking of this party, I really should get off of the damned computer and start cleaning this place. It’s not exactly a sty or anything, I just really would like it a bit neat before it gets boldly trashed! 😀

That’s all that I can think of at this exact moment, but I’m sure something will come to me as soon as I upload this thing. In the mean time, stay groovy and I hope everyone is doing well!


“A little pelvis, a little booty. A little pelvis and booty. House party!”
~Matthew Lillard (as Emmanuel Goldstein aka “Cereal Killer”) – “Hackers”

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