Roma, Part 1

Made a small decision. I think I’m getting stale living here right now. I’ve not gotten to travel, and I’m constantly bored with everything I do (including Uni), so about a week ago I decided to go to Prague. At the time, tickets were only about £40 return (round-trip to Americans), so all was well. I wasn’t entirely sure though, so when I went to make the reservations last night, I discovered that the price has now risen to £180. Yeah, that’s a bit out of my range. So, I got onto good ol’ RyanAir and discovered that tickets to Rome were only about £70 return. That’s close enough.

So I am now going to be out of town from November 11th to the 14th. It’s not much time, but it’s all I can really spare at the moment. I also haven’t told work yet, so they may give me a hard time, but I hope they’ll see reason eventually, especially since I’m now the only proper bouncer they have left (due to an amazing amount of dodginess, Johnny has now been fired, making me by default the Head Door Steward . . . after only two months of working there. No pay raise or anything, but what can ya do?).

Stay tuned for more news on my Roma adventure. I think it’s going to be pretty stereo-typical: The Forum, the Vatican, and as many museums as I can fit into a day. That will rather vary depending on Chris however. I’ve invited ol’ Bowlesy to come along and he’s currently trying to figure out if he can get out of teaching on Thursday and Friday. Best of luck to him. I really don’t mind going by myself, but it’ll be nice to have some company . . . especially if things go wrong!

That’s it for now. Lots of stuff has been happening around here in the past couple of weeks, but none of it has been terribly exciting or interesting. The biggest thing going on right now for me is that I’m afraid I might lose my flat. Roz, my land lady, said she wants to speak to me about something and wants to do it in person . . . which makes me VERY nervous. Here’s hopin’ I won’t be moving any time soon!


“May I present to you, the greatest breakthrough in travel since Sir Rodney Tricycle thought to himself, ‘I’m bored of walking. I think I’ll invent something with three wheels and a bell, and name it after myself’: the time machine.”
~Rowan Atkinson (as Lord Edmund Blackadder) – “Blackadder Back & Forth”

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