Last one this month.

Thirty days has September, April, June, and November. I always try to fit in one more posting before the end of a month and the beginning of a brand new page of posts. I don’t really know why. Must be the glutton in me. Gotta fit as much as I can into the space that is given me . . . what can I say? I’m more than a bit strange.

Classes have started. I should say class has started. Right now the only drain on my time is Latin. Alas, this drain occurs five days a week at 9am. It’s by no means the earliest class I’ve ever taken, but it’s certainly the earliest I’ve ever taken when at least twice a week I don’t get home from work until 1am. Then factor in that I’m never able to go straight to bed right after work, and we’re talking about 5 hours of sleep a night twice a week. That gets a bit tough for someone who likes to snooze as much as I do!

But I persevere. Because I’m such a noble creature (aye, right). Other than the Latin, I will eventually be sitting through a couple of meetings of core classes each week for the Med/Ren Studies programme. They’ll likely be from 5 to 7 every Monday and Tuesday evening. Additionally, it’s starting to look like I’ll be taking a class on Early Modern Paleography. Translation: I’ll be studying books as objects dating from roughly the very early Renaissance through to the mid-17th century. That means the books will be early printed books, rather than illuminated manuscripts. Those I’ll be studying next semester (a class which will probably be a lot tougher, as you really can’t even read these things without learning a whole new way of writing . . . and a whole new language. After all, they were mostly written in Latin, hence the early mornings!).

Work continues apace. Sunday was actually the single worst night of my professional life, hands down. Johnny was ill so I was on my own. Normally not a big deal but it was the Sunday before a Bank Holiday Monday (meaning NO ONE worked on Monday). The result was that the crowd was large and older (rather than college kids, they were thirties to fifties) and they were all on something. I was harassed by a large Canadian man and his family who were put out because they were drunk and he was quite obviously snorting coke. I had to break up two different fights in other people’s bar. I had a pair of pickpockets in Jinty’s, as well as two guys that I had to toss out three different times but kept sneaking in. The last time one of them actually spit on me at which point I was forced to just shut down otherwise I would have reached out and decked him. And the perfect end to a perfect night: the upstairs men’s toilet overflowed and I just happened to be standing right under it when it started dripping through the floor. I got a lovely head full of sewage. Yay for employment.

That, as they say, is that. This time next month will be Halloween, a time which I look forward to excitedly. I have no idea if I’ll be able to get out of work, but I desperately want to so that I can go have a good time! See you all in October!


“Thank Goodness you didn’t go through the wrong window.”
“I did. Your dad’s a very quick shag.”
~Kirsten Dunst (as Lizzie Bradbury) and Paul Bettany (as Peter Colt) – “Wimbledon”

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