It really is disgustingly late. I’ve written blog entries much later than this before, but never has it been because I’ve reached the point where I’ve run out of people to call (who are home and living in America where it isn’t 4am) and still haven’t managed to exorcise all (or any) of my personal demons. I got some bad/upsetting news tonight. A few of you out there know what it is and would tell me to snap out of it. Fair enough. Those of you who don’t know, I’m sorry to sound mysterious but I don’t really want to vomit forth the grisly details right now. But I can at least assure you all that I’m still a student at the University of Glasgow (assuming they’ll get off their butts and recognize my funding!), I still have all my digits, no one has died, and as far as I know everyone is still in perfect health. The bad stuff is just personal and really isn’t even so important as to warrant this entry. But you know how I can get so wordy!

So instead of continuing talking about that, I’ll tell you all about an e-mail I got yesterday (or is it the day before now?) from Holly Hammond. She actually belongs on my people page and will appear there soon with her hubby, Simon. Anyway, she was a prof of mine at the UofA and we’re still mates. She wrote to tell me that she had designed a new website for herself. I checked it out and I was inspired. So, I spent all day today coding. Designing a new version of SIK Enterprises. You lucky readers can preview the new site here. Once I get colours, fonts, and bugs worked out it will take the place of the current design. It’s cooler anyway (and please ignore the upper banner and that first picture. Due to re-installation of Windows, I’ve lost all my fonts and so just whipped something up in a few minutes. It’ll look cooler soon, I promise!).

That’s pretty much all I know for the moment. I’m exhausted from coding all day and then working all night. I need my bed! I hope you’re all supergroovy, and I’ll speak to you soon!


“All that shimmers in this world is sure to fade . . .
. . . Away . . .
. . . Again.”
~Fuel – “Shimmer”

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