I HATE being sick

. . . but I’m assured by all sorts of folks that so does everyone else. Doesn’t stop me from being cranky. I was just well enough to go to work on Sunday and run several un-interesting errands yesterday, but now that I have a day in which I can pick up my paycheck and go see a movie or something, I am absolutely incapable of leaving the house. This does not amuse in the slightest. At least I have medicine from the last time I was sick, so I’m not having to trek all the way down to Safeway in order to medicate myself.

There really isn’t much else going on to be honest. I re-applied for the TERI loan, and maybe this time the Financial Aid people will actually sign off on it, meaning I’ll be allowed to keep my flat and everything. If they don’t then it’s back to the drawing board because it’s now too late to apply for the Senior Resident (British version of RAs) position at Queen Margaret Halls. This is actually probably a good thing. Living in dorms again only this time actually being responsible for the little SOBs would probably cast quite a pall over my last year here.

Oh yeah. And this might be my last year here. After examining mounting costs and taking into account the existence of the ACMRS at ASU, I’m having troubles justifying my staying here . . . plus I just keep missing all the drama back home!

And as a final little tidbit, let me share a joke that Chris told me yesterday. It was said during an orientation meeting a few years ago for the Senior Residents. It was said by one of the wardens (top guys) to a member of the clergy who had come to speak and was in response to an observation that there were a lot of young men and women about. It’s dirty, so if you’re easily offended, close this window now! The warden apparently said: “It’s Fall. And the reason I know it’s Fall is because all over the West End you can hear the sound of hymens breaking.” If you’ve got your mouth open in disgust, I did warn you. If you’re laughing your ass off, then you have probably had to deal with the little bastards at some point yourself. Take care everyone!


“It makes me sad to think
This all could be for nothing”
~Stabbing Westward – “What Do I Have To Do?”

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