Oh Frankie!

While I fully recognize that I have little to complain about compared to . . . say . . . Floridians, I am still more than a little put out with Hurricane Francis. While as far as I’m aware the storm to which I’m referring is no longer actually a hurricane, it is still not playing nice with the already-miserable Scottish weather. Specifically it is tossing a huge amount of rain and gale-force winds our way. The winds haven’t really started yet. They’re scheduled for tomorrow and Sunday, but the rain has certainly arrived. It rained the entire time I was at work, and let me tell you that the little Guiness jacket that I have is not equal to the task of keeping out that much wet.

So that’s a bit annoying. Not nearly annoying as the financial aid office shorting me by over $10,000 in my loans though. You see they have a certain amount of money that they say you need to live in Glasgow. The only problem is that their breakdown includes you spending only about £230 a month on rent and a measly £5 a day on food. In other words it’s totally ridiculous, made even more so if your loan needs to stretch 12 months rather than the usual 9. So now I’ll be totally strapped for cash for the entire year unless I can come with (a) more loan money, (b) a roommate (ick), or (c) both of the above. I’m of course gonna try for option (a), but am considering (c). Everyone keep their fingers crossed that the loan people are forgiving (aye, right).

And as a final note, I have some good news. Apparently I’ve got a meeting scheduled with Jinty, the owner of Jinty McGuinty’s. It seems that I have impressed people enough that assuming this interview goes well I will become the official Jinty’s steward (fancy word for bouncer). I’m not edging Johnny out of a job or anything. He’ll still be there on weekends and what not. I’ll just be on the books as an employee and so will be getting an offical job history and all that jazz. Good stuff, especially if I’m going to stay here any longer than this year. So that’s happy! If I don’t sound extatic (sp?) it’s because I’m just shattered from a very long night of being very cold.


“Now I’m big and important
one angry dwarf
and 200 solemn faces are you”
~Ben Folds Five – “One Angry Dwarf and 200 Solemn Faces”

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