Well, for those who have been wondering, I have made it back to Alba without too many new scars. I arrived on Thursday morning only about 45 minutes late, which is saying a lot since my plane sat on the runway in Philly for about twice that long. Got back to the flat where I dumped everything and almost immediately left again for coffee with Chris (had to get out of the way for the electrician who came in and finally put in the new shower setup . . . maybe now my daily ablutions will stop cutting power to the whole building). We then went and caught “I, Robot” which really was as much of a two-hour long commercial as the occassionally funny Maddox said it was. At least I got to finally see the thing though (and god bless Bridget Moynahan).

Since I’m me, things will be out of order in this post. Let’s backtrack and say that the wedding was beautiful. Most of my photos are hosted on www.nateandamy.com. The reason I say most is because I somehow managed at some point to buy non-C41 monochromatic film which can only be processed in America by sending it off for over a week. That’s no good, so I brought it back with me and will hopefully be getting it developed post-haste. Anyway, so the wedding. I had no date for it, though I did bring an old friend (Hannah Cheloha) to the rehersal dinner the night before. It was OK me not having someone on my arm though, because it meant I could dance badly with several girls instead of just one, and I could even catch the garter when it was thrown . . . again. You know I’ve caught the damned thing at every wedding I’ve ever been to (where there was a garter toss, that is). I’m worried that someone is telling me something. Ironically enough the first one that I caught was at Spencer and Brianne’s wedding, and the girl who caught the bouquet was that self-same co-godparent Hannah Cheloha. No wedding bells, rest assured. I just find it amusing!

What else? Well, not much to be honest. I still haven’t figured out what to do about my dissertation nor the next several years of my life. Some people are suggesting that I come home as soon as I’m done with this year, some that I come home even sooner. And of course there are those who are saying “what the hell are you thinking? Finish your PhD there! It’ll be so much quicker! And of course I can’t deny that logic! In the interest of making me see the world a bit, my lovely mother took me out shopping right before I left and bought me a HUGE Gregory Forester Backpack from REI (which is actually considered only of medium size as far as such things go. I’d really hate to see their giant ones!). The idea of this being that maybe during this month I have off before classes start again at the end of September or even during Christmas or Spring Break that I might go backpacking across part of Europe. I just know that I won’t let another year go by without me setting foot somewhere other than Paris on the Continent. There is so much I want to see including (but of course not limited to): Madrid (hey Alex!), Barcelona, Carcasonne, the Loire Valley (hey Sarah!), Amsterdam (hey Mary-Jo!), Prague, Moscow, St. Petersburg (hey Masha!), and of course Firenze (Florence), Venezia (Venice), Roma (Rome) and Hellada (Greece).

But in the mean time, Bowles just showed up and we’re gonna watch “Hellboy” before I have to go to work at 8. Take care!


“You’re never there!”
~Cake – “Never There” (and my new “Buzz” sound on YIM!)

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