Half way done.

53.22% to be exact. I promised myself I would go to bed after I reached half way, but then continued on for a few hundred more words because they just kept coming. Not complaining, mind, but it’s definitely time for sleep.

And for those keeping track (which is roughly me), this means I have my first (of at least two) Introductions done, the Heraldry chapter done, most of the Royal Sites chapter put to bed (still need to write most of Edinburgh), and about half of the Noble Sites chapter finito (consisting entirely of Craigmillar Castle. If I need more to write about, I can throw in information on one of the eight pieces of heraldry that I skipped). I’ve not even properly started the Cathedrals chapter and of course I’ve yet to do a conclusion. But, it still adds up to over half! Yay!


“Yeah, we never talk about the future
We never talk about the past anymore
We never ask ourselves the questions
To the answers that nobody needs to know . . .
. . . Yes, I guess we need the drama.
So much for the afterglow.”
~Everclear – “So Much For the Afterglow”

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