What a weekend!

I have officially discovered a couple dozen more people who well and truly rock. I went to Cambridge this past weekend to visit Spence and also to see a few Shakespeare plays. First let me say that we got caught up in the biggest rain storm I have yet to encounter while we were in Stratford-Upon-Avon. It was a pretty warm rain which made it a bit more OK, but with so much water coming down it was like having a shower! While still damp we saw the Royal Shakespeare Company perform MacBeth. Once again they dissappointed a bit, but the fact that Lady MacBeth at one point found herself in the exact same pose as the Lady Mac statue at the Shakespeare Monument kinda made the play for me.

So the cool people started happening the next day really. This is when I started really meeting Spence’s fellow classmates. I won’t get into the startling details of what went on over the weekend, but suffice to say there were many MANY antics, much vodka and Jameson’s consumed, amazingly funny and/or stupid and/or deep things said, and no small amount of drama (which is probably old hat to them, but was like living in a soap opera for lil’ deprived me . . . and made all the better because I wasn’t involved). I would however, if just for the sake of my own memories, like to acknowledge the ones who were particularly cool to me in no particular order:

Of course here’s to Spencer, who is the man when it comes to downing a flask of Jameson’s. Here’s to Theresa for introducing me to the phrase “riding the V wave.” Here’s to Tim for being one of the bravest people I know in more ways than one. Here’s to Alex for being the coolest pink-haired Mormon I’ve ever met. Here’s to Lauren and her status as Faerie Queene. Here’s to Francine for looking way too much like Carrie Jeffers. Here’s to Courtney for being well over 6 feet and damned proud of it. Here’s to Jared for genuinely wanting to watch out for all his friends, old and brand spanking new. Here’s to Brandi for leading me down memory lane. Here’s to LaurenandWill who were only seen seperate once all weekend. And finally, here’s to Piotr for founding the Smirnoff distillery which produced the vodka we so lovingly guzzled all weekend (and to anyone I didn’t include: sorry! My memory sucks, remember?).

That’s about it for me now. I had a really really awesome time, and I simply can’t tell you how little I wanted to come back home to my empty flat and all my friends away doing interesting things! But alas, the proverbial bills must be paid and the dissertations must be written!


“I gave her my speech.
I waited for her response.
All I heard was the wind blowing.”

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