Two Weeks!

Two reasons for the subject of this post. One, it’s been almost two weeks since I wrote in (and during that time, I’ve only gotten a handful of messages on my G-Mail account. Granted, I’ve only gotten a handful of messages during that time period, but still!); and two, two weeks exactly until I get to go home for a further two weeks! It’s a very auspicious amount of time, the fortnight.

Over the past two weeks a lot has happened. The major thing is that my Mom and Dad came for a visit starting on the 8th of July. That night we caught a very late plane to Dublin where we were met the next day by my brother Spencer. Dublin absolutely rocked, though I can’t tell you how glad I was that my folks were picking up the tab. If they hadn’t, I would never have been able to do most of the fun things that we did. Not only did we bum around the city a lot, but we also got to go visit the Irish version of Stonehenge called Newgrange, but after Spence had to go back to Cambridge for classes, the three of us who remained also went and visited County Wicklow, which was absolutely gorgeous. I took a couple of good rolls of film, so once I get them scanned I’ll put them in the picture section!

So Spence had to go home on Sunday, but Mom Dad and I stayed until the following Wednesday. We flew into Glasgow International Airport, and weren’t home for two hours before we left again to go meet Rob, Chris, and Alice at Oran Mor, a new pub down at Byres Road and Great Western Roads. After that, surprise surprise, we headed over to the Loft. It was a good night and thankfully very few truly embarrassing stories about me came out. I don’t need any more floating around than there already are.

The rest of the week progressed rather normally. We caught Spider-Man 2 on Friday and had a BBQ on Sunday, but other than that, we just passed time really. Oh! Before the movie on Friday, we caught a train to Edinburgh where I then proceeded to drag Mom and Dad to Craigmillar Castle so that I could take some pictures of the copious amounts of heraldry there. It was amazing. I didn’t know I was starving for material at places like Castle Campbell with it’s four blank shields until I saw Craigmillar which had no fewer than 8 fully recognizable period sets of arms. It was great! 🙂 Now all I have to do is write it up. 😦 Talk about mood swings!

So the parental units left this morning. I’ll see them in a couple of weeks, so I’m not too bummed about it. Really the only thing that’s keeping me down is the stupid dissertation that I need to write. I’ve done a couple thousand words already, but I don’t really know how good they are, and even it they’re terrific, I’ve still got another eight grand at least to go! Well, if I can get two (or better yet three) chapters well and truly done before I leave, I’ll only need to do one or two more while in Phoenix (plus a conclusion) which should be manageable. I’m gonna do my best to get it all at least in rough draft form though. I’d rather not have to write an opus while I’m there . . . it’s supposed to be a vacation!

And unless you are of the “never click a link” group, you’ll notice that I’ve added something. I’ve put in a new section simply entitled People. As it says on the page, I’m fully aware that I refer to people with little regards for whether or not people back home know them. Therefore, I’ve created a kind of encyclopedia of those poor souls who have been sucked into my life. You’ll also notice it’s not even close to being a complete list. Write and send me pictures or requests and I’ll put them up!


“So you see it’s all up to you
You can be better than you are
You could be swingin’ on a star”
~Bing Crosby, Tony Bennett, etc. – “Swinging on a Star”

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