Something Clever

I just can’t think of any pithy subjects, so that’s all you get. Well, I’ve had an eventful weekend. Friday I saw Driscoll who, to my surprise, didn’t tell me that I couldn’t write my dissertation. So that was nice. In fact, he told me that I now have more than enough data and that I should put together a new outline and start writing. Now. Indeed I need to have the new version of the outline and preferably the whole introduction in to him before my folks get here on Thursday morning (and little does Driscoll know that for pretty much every weekend between now and when I leave in August I will either be gone or have guests . . . he would probably have a fit). So needless to say I haven’t even started . . .

. . . because yesterday was the 4th of July! It was great. We were supposed to have a huge BBQ with 20 some odd people there. Burgers, hot dogs, (American) football, baseball . . . the whole shebang. But then it started raining. Hard. So hard that instead of 20 people there were only 4 (including me). What a turnout. So instead we just BBQed our food (in the process almost setting the place on fire) and then watched Greece wipe the floor with Portugal in the EuroCup Finals. First time Greece has ever even been to the finals and they won. How cool for them?

That’s actually is about it. Today I’ve been all over the West End running errands. Had to pay a gas bill at the old place, checked out some books, bought some groceries, got film developed, went to the bank. Busy busy busy. Even went to the gym (but alas was unable to do more than half my usual workout. I was dying there!). Wow my life is boring. I’ve reached the point where I’m actually telling you guys the details of my errand running. I need a vacation! Oh yeah. Three days until I get one! Yipee!


“Here’s to the Montagues, John Wayne, and Bette Davissss.
And Romeo, gave it for this chorus girl in Vegas, yeah ha ha!”
~Butthole Surfers – “Whatever (I Had a Dream Last Night)”

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