I’ve had several people suggest one or more of the things below, but never in quite such a venemous and vehement way as in the e-mail that was waiting for me this morning when I turned on the computer. I’ve waiting for over three hours before doing anything about it in hopes that I would cool down a bit. I haven’t. Instead of writing an e-mailed response to this person (who shall remain nameless), I decided to put this out in the open so that anyone else who wants to criticize the handling of my love can rest assured that it has already been done.

“Meggan didn’t deserve to be treated the way you treated her” – First let me say that that’s not the actual sentence sent. None of these are. They were a bit too . . . vulgar . . . to be repeated. Anyway, in response, you’re right, I probably didn’t. I’d like to think that Meggan hasn’t been telling everyone she knows the intimate details of our short relationship, so I’ll just assume you got this from my own blog. Yes, we went out for a short time. Yes it ended badly and in a rather unfortunate protracted manner, mostly because I didn’t have the guts to just flat out hurt her. But it was aparently inevitable, and it happened. I’ve already appologized to her as much as I can, and I just hope that some day she’ll forgive me and be my friend. She has a right to be upset with me about it. No one else does.

“Meggan was obviously just a replacement for your ex-wife” – Untrue. Do they look a lot alike? Oh absolutely. Both are slender, with short red hair, bright blue eyes, and sharp features. But then, that short description is accurate for a truly amazing number of women in the world (not the least of which is Shirley Manson, who you could really just say Meggan and Carly are just replacements for!). I think instead of saying that Meg was similar to Carly, you could just as easily say they’re both similar to Marjorie, or April, or any number of other women I dated. I’d say I have a type, not that I’m stuck on Carly. In fact, if you look at the dominant type of woman where I was growing up (blonde hair and really soft features) it’s probably not that much of a surprise that I ended up with girls who look different!

“You’re not over your ex-wife, and you shouldn’t mess with other girls’ hearts until you are. Stop looking for a rebound girl” – This one I feel is unfair. While granted I don’t really know if I’ve been looking for a rebound girl or not (I don’t think so. REALLY), history says that I haven’t. Carly was supposed to be a rebound from Ashley and I stayed with her for almost 6 years! As for the not over Carly bit. Well, I can’t speak to that. I certainly found myself depressed when the divorce came through, but it was (and you can ask Chris about this) more because I was divorced. I never ever wanted to be a statistic. In fact, I think I kept saying that that night. So while I may not be fully over Carly, what happened between Meggan and me wasn’t about that. It was about me being a bit screwed up and not really in a place to have another long distance, long term relationship; but that’s it.

I’m going to shut up now because I’ve been told by a reliable source that I’m too long winded. That I need to shut the hell up more often, and that my blogs are often too wordy and way too depressing. Heard you! This was a one-off type of thing that I hope to not have to repeat (hint, hint). Take care folks. I’m off to have my work torn apart by my advisor.


“This isn’t where I parked my car.”
~Jacob Pitts (as Cooper Harris) – “Eurotrip”

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