Supercalifragilistic Expialidocious

As you may have guessed, I don’t really have anything important to say at all. Life is continuing rather normally for once, and nothing major has happened in the past week or so since my last post. The only real purpose of this is a chance to use the quote down there at the bottom. Oh, and because June’s almost over, so this is in all likelihood the last post for June of 2004.

But speaking of that quote, I am delighted to report that there is a new season of South Park! All the people in the US probably already know this, but it took me by surprise. At some point a few days ago I was trying to remember some really minor point about South Park and so went to their website, and was amazed to discover that there was an entry for Season 8. There are only seven episodes thus far, but I’m still excited! Without admitting to ANY wrongdoing, you just gotta love those online file-sharing programs!

Oh, and I also bought a new couch. I have been making it a practice when I come home every day to take the change out of my pockets and put it into jars in my kitchen. Over the past nine months or so I’ve managed to accumulate almost ninety pounds. Not too bad if I do say so myself. And in fact that isn’t counting the thirty or so pounds that I had to use to pay some bills last month. So really almost 120 pounds. Anyway, the point is that I had planned on using that money to go on a trip or something, but then I had a realization. Since my folks are coming so soon, I’m going to be sleeping on the pullout bed that is the white couch that this place came with. I don’t really want to sleep in the living room the whole time (plus the bright-white couch is starting to get a bit dingey), so I decided to move it into the study — thus leaving nowhere to sit in the living room (and let’s face it, a rather large love seat isn’t much in the first place). SO, I went over to OxFam and bought a really really ugly couch and two chair set with my 87 pounds (plus about 13 pounds of my Dad’s money. Thanks Dad!). I am now waiting not-so-patiently for the thing to be delivered. It’s going to be interesting, as I had a hard enough time getting the previous couch out, and it was considerably smaller than this new one, I think.

So that’s me. Wow, not that short after all. Hope you guys are all groovy, and I’ll be talking to you in July!


“That wasn’t a movie. That was a snuff film.”
~Stan Marsh (about “The Passion of the Christ”) – “South Park” Season 8 Episode 4 – “The Passion of the Jew”

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