Yay! My folks are going to be coming out to see me in early July (the 8th), and the lark of a suggestion that I put forward months ago is looking like it will come to fruition. Since Spencer will also be here during that time period (the smart bastard is going to be studying for a month at Cambridge), we decided we should all four of us get together and see some amazing things. Well, Spence has always been more than a little bit obsessed with Ireland, and so that’s where we’re gonna meet. Mom and Dad will be flying in to Glasgow (the frequent flyer program demanded it) on the 8th in the morning. That evening the three of us will fly to Dublin where about 10 minutes later Spencer will arrive from Stansted Airport in the north of London. We’ll have three nights and three days in Eire together before Spencer has to fly back for school on Monday. Mom, Dad, and I will stay in Dublin one more night and then leave to travel the interior a bit (including seeing New Grange which I’m really excited about!).

So the point is that today I bought the plane tickets. The expense (which was small compared to train travel or plane travel in the US, but still quite considerable for one of my less-than-impressive means) incurred has actually pretty much guaranteed that ALL parties will be going, which is a whole lot of happy for me. It means I get to see a lot of my favorite people all in one place (yes, Amy. I’ll be missing you. But you got your chance! :P).

That’s all I’ve got right now. Monday was a time for extreme drunkenness. You have no idea. You probably don’t want one. It was ugly. But I survived, and all is well once again. Since then, all I’ve managed to do is study and avoid going to the gym (I actually have a good excuse. It’s almost 1.5 kilometres from my flat to the gym. I always just wear my workout clothes [shorts and a t-shirt], and so it is REALLY not pleasant to walk when it is either A) cold or B) raining. For the past three days it has been both. Don’t worry. Still doing lots of situps and pushups to stop from being a total slob). Actually, I did want to apologize to anyone with a certain disposition for my post from Monday. I try not to cuss too much, but I think the situation kinda called for it.


“Ireland I am coming home
I can see your rolling fields of green
And fences made of stone
I am reaching out won’t you take my hand
I’m coming home Ireland”
~Garth Brooks – “Ireland”

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