Oh Yahoo!

I think like many in the online world, I have been waiting with relatively bated (baited? Who can spell these days anyway?) breath for the new G-Mail, Google’s foray into the e-mail world. Not only would this be nice because it would do away with graphical ads (there would be ads, but they would be text-only versions, such as Google is now famous for), but also because they were planning on giving a whole Gigabyte of memory to anyone for free! Unforunately, the technology is still being tested, so G-Mail is still available only to a select few people.

So imagine my surprise when I logged on to my Yahoo! Mail account this morning and discovered a little note from the administrators. They didn’t come out and say it, but they certainly let me know that they realized that for those of us who actually pays them for more inbox space ($20 a year for 25 Megs) . . . well . . . we weren’t going to be too happy when G-Mail finally did come out. So, this little note thingy informed me that they had made a few changes! First off, no more graphical ads. They’re gone. I’ve yet to explore fully, but I haven’t noticed any text only ads either. They also have redesigned the interface for “better ease of use.” Eh. Pretty cool, but so far the text for some messages is so small that I’m gonna have to blow up the screen size or something if my eyes get any worse. But the REAL kicker is that they’ve given me a “virtually unlimited” mailbox size of TWO GIGABYTES! Literally double G-Mail’s offering. Granted, G-Mail is free and I still pay $20 a year, but since I already paid it, and I no longer have to change e-mail addresses, I’m totally willing to fork out the cash!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure that was the idea. They wanted their “loyal customers” to stay loyal, but it’s still exciting for me! And by the way, you guys may want to look into it yourselves! Not only do you get the space, but you can also send and receive e-mail from your POP accounts from anywhere in the world . . .

OK, enough hyping this thing. Off to Hell. Er. The gym. (and by the way, did you know that Orange Fanta has 184 Calories per 100mL? Not cool! Especially since my glasses hold a bit more than 250mL WITH ice! Damnit! No wonder I haven’t been losing the weight I wanted to! Guess it’s back to water for me . . .)


“Where I go, what I’ll become or who I am or what I’ll be
I’ll never know, but I am sure that I’ll get everything for free”
~K’s Choice – “Everything For Free”

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