What a day.

Really started last night when I attended a third year fancy dress party. The assignment was to go as an archaeological figure. There was a cave-woman, several knights, a greek goddess, a roman (female) imperiator, a medieval princess, and a modern archaeology student (way to go Rosey!). I personally spent 10 quid at Tam Sheppards and went as a Viking Scot, wearing my kilt, a plastic horned helmet, a fake beard, and carrying a lovely plastic axe. Fun was had by all, though I didn’t get home until way past my bed time: about 4 or so.

This morning I got up at about 9 to be all ready to go looking at castles for the ol’ dissertation. Chris drove and Rosey tagged along (and they were cute). Went first to Doune Castle, enjoyed imagining a cow flying over the curtain wall, and then proceeded to find absolutely jack as far as heraldry goes. No, that’s not entire true. There was a drastically incorrect painted copy of the Royal Arms from the 19th century which was of course less than useless. That’s pretty much it. So, first place is a flop. Next went to Castle Campbell (which was fun due to familial ties), where I found some stuff which may prove to be useful, but I’m vaguely afraid that it won’t be. We’ll have to see. Is it too late to decide to be a sheep herder or something? It might be easier.

We were out of time by then, so we hurried south and east so that Chris could get to his interview. He was 45 minutes late, but that’s OK because the lady ended up being about 2.5 hours late. Rosey and I waited patiently and talked vaguely of eating each other’s legs if we got any more hungry (because eating your own would just be weird). Once she showed we got taken to a restaurant in a neighboring village. Several hours later he returned from a multi-course meal involving steak (I had vaguely rancid pork), and announced he had the job. Huzzah for him!

So, we finally got back to Glasgow, arriving about 5 hours later than we had hoped to, and after having seen approximately half the number of castles as we had planned. I guess a second, third, or fourth trip may be in the works. I obviously can’t just find out what I need to know from books, so visits (perhaps multiple for each site) will have to occur! Not TOO upset by this, but it might get expensive!

Now I’m for bed. Too tired for coherent words. Sha’ed (“Shattered” in Bristol speak. Exhausted, basically).


“Come on abuse me more, I like it.”
~Silverchair – “Abuse Me”

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