Things that suck.

1. I think the most obvious: Not being allowed to say the word “suck” the entire time I was growing up (talkin’ to you, Pop! ;)).

2. Minimum Wage. In the US most people think it means “the lowest amount a person could live off of” when in fact it means the lowest the government allows employers to pay their employees (could you live off of $10,712/year before taxes? Do the math yourself! $5.15 x 40 hours a week = $206 x 52 weeks a year = $10,712!). In Britain they at least do it a bit better. Here the minimum wage is £4.50 an hour, for a total of £9,360. Doesn’t sound like much, but convert it to US dollars, and we’re talking $16,848 (assuming a possibly generous £1 to $1.80). Granted, it’s still not great, and it also costs more to live here, but at least it’s not so far below the poverty line!

3. The Electoral College. This one is a no brainer. Why do we need a system of representative voting?!? It’s 2004 for Pete’s sake! I think if we can manage to have computerized voting (though knowing how easy it can be to hack in to systems, I’m not so sure about that either), we can at least manage to count each vote and do a real democratic election!

4. 74 days until August 4th.


“So I said my congratulations
‘Bout lost myself to my infatuation
I stole a kiss or two just havin’ fun again
Sheriff don’t like it
Now I’m back on the run again”
~The Refreshments – “Preacher’s Daughter” — Arizona Band!

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