5. Baskin Robbins here doesn’t carry Peanut Butter and Chocolate ice cream.

That’s all. I’m really posting this one to let you know that, though I was supposed to take a series of “after” pictures to go with the “before” set of the new flat, I have not in fact finished unpacking and decorating. I figure I might never however, so I decided to do an “In the middle” set. So, go here to see what I’ve done thus far. I know there isn’t much up on those big vast expanses of walls, but I’m a bit broke so either deal with it or send me money for art! And Mom, I fully realize everything isn’t clean and put away. I’m sorry. I am truly contrite. Honest. I swear.

Did I fool you?


“I met God this afternoon ridin’ on an uptown train
I said, ‘Don’t you have better things to do?’
He said, ‘If I do my job what would you complain about?'”
~Dog’s Eye View – “Everything Falls Apart”

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