I’M FINE, but the “ow” is because yesterday as I was crossing Dumbarton road, I was hit by a taxi. It only really nicked my right leg, but it was enough to spin me around and knock me on the ground. It wasn’t fun. But to add insult to injury, the jerk of a cabbie didn’t even stop. He had run a red light, and the guy who came after him did stop and try to help, but that was probably because I was lying in the middle of the road at that point! Unfortunately the guy who stopped didn’t see it happen, nor did he catch the license plate number of the taxi (and I sure wasn’t in any position to take it down!)

So that sucked. Other than that, things are going OK. I haven’t managed to get much work done on the dissertation yesterday or today because it’s still really uncomfortable for me to sit at my desk and work on the computer . . . which is also why this update is so short. I don’t really have much else to say, so I’ll log off. I hope everyone is super groovy out there, and having a grand ol’ day!


“You may push me around
But you cannot win
You may throw me down
But I’ll rise again
The more you say
The more I defy you
So get out of my face”
~The Offspring – “Defy You”

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