Bwa ha ha!

. . . I have broadband again! Man, you have no idea how quickly you get spoiled by having high speed internet access. Plus with me there was the added suckiness of not being able to do anything with my desktop (which is a considerably more advanced machine than my laptop). So anyway, I will now constantly be online again. I’m sure this thrills only a small proportion of the population (basically me and the one or two people that I chat with online), but that’s all that really matters, now doesn’t it Oddles?

I hope all of you are groovy out there. This wasn’t meant to be long or anything, especially since I’ve got to run to the torture chamber — I mean the gym. Gotta get myself all sexy for Amy’s wedding. Failing that, I’ve got to make sure I’ll fit into my kilt/tux at Amy’s wedding!


“I would runaway
I would runaway with you”
~The Corrs – “Runaway”

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