Back online . . . sorta.

As you can read below, I’ve been without internet access for a few days. Well, I now have access, in a way. They still haven’t managed to turn on my broadband (not until next Tuesday, probably), but I got tired of waiting. Instead, I went and picked up a copy of AOL and installed it, making use of my laptop’s modem (I didn’t think I would need a modem in my PC, so there isn’t one!). I’m on their one month free trial (which I hopefully won’t even need entirely, as my broadband will hopefully be up and running long before that), so can check my e-mail at least. It is of course slower than I could ever imagine, especially after having being spoiled by broadband for the past several years, and it also costs per-minute (thanks to the outmoded billing system for telephones in Britain), but at least I don’t have to haul my butt all the way to the department just to check my e-mail!

Other than that, not much exciting is going on. I’m almost entirely moved in to the new place, and “after” pictures will be added to the “before” gallery as soon as I get some things straightened up and put away. I’m also working still on my Vikings paper. It’s like slogging through a bog pit . . . just so slow going and need I even mention boring as hell?

Wahoo! It’s considerably later now. I’ve been outside playing in the rain. Rain is really REALLY normal here, but for some reason the sky decided to open up with a truly Arizona-esque storm, and I loved it! As my good friend Chris (from Colorado) said: “Looks like someone out there knows how to make us feel like we’re at home.” If absolutely nothing else, you just don’t get thunder and lightning here. I don’t know why, but it really doesn’t happen. Well, today it did. It still is, in fact (I would still be out there, but it got kinda chilly), and every time I hear that rolling boom I can almost convince myself that I’m back in my beloved desert listening to a monsoon storm. It’s amazing, and I love it (and Spence, I’m thinking of you, buddy! Remember that amazing storm back in the day with Ashley? Well, it’s a lot like that!)

That’s all. I’m all dry and warm now, so it’s time to go get wet and cold again!


“I see the lightning from the storm down in Mexico
And I see my speedometer doesn’t work
I cross the desert and disappear into the tumbleweeds
I tip the bottle and bite the lime

I hear the thunder from the storm down in Mexico
And I leave the border far behind
I feel the dust coat my teeth and turn my sweat to mud
I tip the bottle and bite the lime”
~The Refreshments – “Nada” — Arizona Band!

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