I guess SOMEONE is paying attention!

It took them about seven months, but it appears that someone in a position of power in this building has begun to notice that there is indeed only one person living in this flat. I got the tip off about a week ago from Rob, who is friends with an RA in the building. Apparently she’s been asking around seeing if anyone had ever actually even seen Carly before. This girl isn’t the type who would just idly wonder about such things, which means she’s been asked to find out . . . which means I’m in trouble!

So I have had to change my mind/plans once again. I will be moving after all. I’m not thrilled about it by any means, but I would rather leave before a very embarrassing confrontation which results in me being forced to leave (along the lines of “quit before they can fire you”). I’ve actually already started looking at flats, and may have found one straight off the bat. I found a new website which just does a few lines about each property, and on there I found an advertisement for a 2 bed 2 bath that is just down Byres Road from me. Meg (who has now been dubbed “Ameggan the Hun” due to her post below) and I went to take a look at it a couple of hours ago, and it is amazing. And the Hun would like it pointed out that it does indeed have a huge soaking tub, but alas no fireplace. All hardwood floor laminate, huge kitchen with a ginormous fridge (which is nice compared to the half-size ones I’ve seen in the other flats). In short, it’s just perfect.

I’ve told the realtor lady that I’m really really interested. I’ve already made an appointment to go see another place on Wednesday, and she’s agreed to hold it until then, so depending on whether or not this other place suits, I may have found a really nice new flat for people to come and visit me in!

Now I must go. Must fix dinner before meeting Chris et al for one more night of Scottish drunkeness for Ameggan before I have to put her on the plane tomorrow morning. She’ll be sleep deprived and either still drunk or REALLY hung over!


“My ancestors sent a lizard?”
“Hey! Dragon. Dra-gon, not lizard. I don’t do that tongue thing.”
~Mulan (Ming-Na Wen) and Mushu (Eddie Murphy) – Mulan

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