A message from the Megster

Daniel is making me write in this and all i have to say is that I HATE CARLY!!!!!!!! But in all seriousness i’m having a wonderful time visting Daniel. oh- and i hate carly. Yesterday we went to go see Edinburgh (spelling?) Its such a loveyl place and Daniel bought me a sparkly 🙂 he’s the best. Then we went out for drinks and stayed out way too late. but apparently i’ve made his two friends fall hopelessly in love with me- lol now if only i could get daniel to do that. (wink wink) Tomorrow its off to go apartment hunting or flat hunting as they call it here. I have everyone’s best interests in mind as I give my oppinions on his new flat. I’m thinking he needs a fireplace and a roman soaking tub for starters. *carly sucks* then who knows what we shall do on satruday and then sunday i leave which makes for a sad meggan. i’d write more except i have no idea what to say except that Carly- if you’re reading this- how dare you hurt my daniel and you are scum in my book. other than that i hope every has had as lovely of a day as i have so far.
ok luv ya buhbye

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