I really did intend to!

I had really-truly-honestly intended to go to the gym tomorrow. I set my alarm and was in bed by 1 and everything. I didn’t even read in bed. But still I was just stuck there wide awake staring up at the ceiling. Now, as you can see, it’s 3:15 am, and I’m sitting here typing on the computer . . . again

I actually went to the gym, well I guess it’s yesterday now. For the first time ever I played raquet ball against Chris. Also known here as squash. I think because that’s what happens to you when you run head first into the concrete side walls trying to get a ball that just did not go where you thought it would. I’d like to say to anyone who’s never played it before: it’s a lot harder than it looks! And if you ever decide to play it with someone who DOES know how to play, I suggest getting used to the idea of hitting them every time they say “just keep your eye on the ball.” Granted, it is what you need to do, and in all likelihood it is indeed what you haven’t been doing, but it get’s REALLY annoying after a while . . . hear that Chris? 😉

So I’m not just blogging right now. I’m also writing my first IAAD paper. It was due almost two full weeks ago, but I couldn’t really bring myself to care about it when I had Amy and the gang in town. Then I went on my field trip (see later this entry), and now I’m back. Sure I had intended to sit down on Sunday and do it, but it was just too boring. Same thing goes for Monday, and now Tuesday as well. It just so happens that lying in bed doing nothing is even boringer. Going to see “Welcome to the Jungle” (aka “The Rundown”) on Sunday and “Dawn of the Dead” tonight probably didn’t help much either.

Now the field trip. It was . . . interesting. What can I really say about it? Well for starters there was a truly enormous number of people who I didn’t know on the trip. And yes, I should have known them all. How do I know I’ve never seen them before in my life? Well for starters, I would most certainly have remembered seeing most of these gorgeous women. But what did we do (other than stare at the hotties)? Well, funny you should ask. We walked. A LOT. Up hills, down hills, across hills. Can’t say as we went through any though. Bill must be slipping in his old age. Really though, I can’t believe how much hiking we did on this trip. On Wednesday we even did a 5+ mile hike, the last bit of which was up what can only be termed a mini-mountain. I managed to make it the whole damned way through the hike without hurting myself (hell, the out of shape kid w/ asthma [that would be me] was even the first one up to the top), and then about 20 yards into the decent I sprained my ankle. Nothing major, but it loosened the tendons so the next two times I slipped, it got worse and worse. I am such a klutz.

So that’s pretty much the story right now. I’m trying to get this stupid Excavation Report Critique done, so that I can start immediately on my next IAAD paper, after which I can then write my Vikings paper, and also design my CBDM database . . . all due by the 14th of April. And then, once I’m done with all that, I can finally have a sit down with my prof and we can decide what sort of dissertation I’m going to write. Yipee!


“When there’s no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth.”
~Televangelist – “Dawn of the Dead”

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