What an awesome week!

This is mostly meant to be a great big thank you to my lovely sister, Amy, the ever-beautiful Martha, and the undeniably cool Nate. I had such an amazing time with you guys visiting, I can’t get over it! I know that you didn’t get to do everything that you had originally planned, and I know that I’ve certainly managed to get myself behind in my work, but I still count it all as worth it, and I hope you do too!

Just so that I’ve got it down before I forget everything, here’s my memories of the week (more or less in order):

You guys got here on Sunday. We came back to the flat and hung out for a bit. We then went in to City Centre so that I could show you around a bit. Amy started dragging (understandably), so we came home and napped. Amy and Martha continued to nap on and off all night while Nate and I watched TV.

Monday we went to Edinburgh (after having lost each other at the train station of course!). First was that terrific deli on Royal Mile which I always insist we stop at. With the cheap tickets, I may have to just pop over to Edinburgh every once in a while for a nice lunch! Next up was Holyrood House where Martha was in “awe” of a certain tapestry, and where I got some really great pictures of some ruins. Then we got the world’s worst bus driver (well, I can’t comment as to his driving skills, but his direction-giving skills certainly leave something to be desired!). Once we FINALLY made it to the Castle we first took group pictures in the parking lot (where the wind decided to play games w/ Nate’s camera), and then proceeded inside. Incliment weather made the guided tour something less than spectacular, but we still managed to see most of the inside (including the crown jewels where we once again lost each other, this time because I was flirting w/ the beautiful attendant). After they closed the castle on us, we just headed back down the hill and caught the train back to Glasgow. We had dinner and drinks at the Counting House, and then headed home for bed. (Pictures seen here)

Tuesday I had to go to class, so I was up pretty early. I got home at about noon, and was sure that I had missed breakfast and that you guys might even be gone already. Instead I had to pound on doors to wake you lazy bums up. To be honest I don’t really remember what else we did on Tuesday other than Anything Goes, which you can read about below. Maybe you guys could write me and contribute to this recounting?

Wednesday I also had a class. And to be more specific, I also had to give a presentation. I spent most of the morning worrying and preparing for that, and to be honest I have NO IDEA what you guys did. Probably watched bad British TV or something. After my presentation from 3 to 5pm (which went remarkably well, I think), I came home and we got ready for our night on the town, being that it was St. Patty’s and what not. We started the night out at the Loft where we caught up with Chris, Rob, and Stu. They had been drinking on and off since 4pm (it was 8 when we got there), so needless to say, they were a bit a head of us. After an hour or two at the Loft, we headed over to the Uisge Beatha, which was packed and for some reason was doubling as a sauna. We only had a couple of drinks there before moving on (at my suggestion) to Oblomov. Now that was a great place. Moderately cheap drinks, extremely attractive bartender . . . it was all good. We closed that place, before heading back to the flat where I cooked us some chips and chicken fingers, mostly to arrest certain individuals (who shall remain nameless) from slipping in to an alcohol-induced stupor. Unconciousness followed.

On Thursday morning we were supposed to ALL go to my 10am class. Yeah. Right. I don’t think any of us woke up before 11 (which was OK, since we didn’t get to bed until about 4). I think most of us were a bit . . . tender . . . on Thursday, so we took it easy, and the girls watched every single episode of the original British version of “Coupling” (thus educating themselves on such subjects as N.A.T., Captain Subtext and his Truth Helmet, and of course in the process making themselves vulnerable to the now-famous Giggle Loop). In the mean time, Nate and I spent several hours trying to make various computers work correctly, as well as designing a new look for his website (which is not yet up, but soon will be).

Friday I seem to remember as being a mostly shopping type of day. I know that we went to Waterstone’s where I spent a lot of my money buying novels and some of Dad’s money buying history books all about the 100 Years War. The girls went to any number of stores in the mall, as well as a touristy Scottish shop on Buchanan Street. Following that was a long and eventually fruitful search for bottles of Dooley’s, a toffee and vodka drink. Those kids have even weirder taste in booze than I do!

Then of course it was Saturday. Not much to say about that. We had to get up pretty early. We all caught a cab to the airport, where Amy was super lucky and got her bag hand searched. They didn’t find any contraband or anything, so we proceeded to eat a bad late breakfast/early lunch at Burger King. We said our goodbyes right outside the International Departures section, and I headed back home, where I read most of one of those novels that I bought in a single sitting.

Overall, I thought it a kick ass trip. We saw a lot of really cool things, and I got to have this flat filled like it should be for once. I loved it, and I keep trying to convince them all that they want to attend grad-school at Glasgow Uni. I don’t think any of them are buying it though. But you know something? If they want to catch any more episodes of “Without a Trace,” “Coupling,” or “Hustle” then they’re just gonna have to move out here!

I love you guys, and I can’t wait to see you again, whenever that may be.


In tribute to the people who introduced me to this:
“This love has taken its toll on me
She said Goodbye too many time before
And my heart is breaking in front of me
She said Goodbye too many times before”
~Maroon 5 – “This Love”

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