Ah, the sweet sound . . .

. . . of a computer running as it should. No, I’m not talking about my laptop which is still giving me a whole hell of a lot of problems. Instead I speak of my new desktop . . . the one I built . . . myself. Yeah, I needed a teensy help from some professionals, but it was only to diagnose what I had done wrong (which was nothing as it turns out. Just a faulty motherboard). So, I’m now typing on a full desktop PC. An Ash original assembled in the UK. And speaking of that UK part, you’ll notice that from here on out the date is going to be in what can only be termed as a pretty funky format. Those crazy Brits (and indeed most of the rest of the world) put the day then the month, and then the year (as opposed to our month/day/year setup). Very annoying at first until you realize that it makes actual logical sense. Imagine that.

In other news, Amy et al made it just fine on Sunday. We’re chillin’ here . . . well they are. I’m trying desperately not to get distracted by them (and the new computer) so that I can get my presentation finished for later today. In fact, I haven’t even finished reading the material for it. I have a small feeling the presentation itself will just have to be off the cuff. I would care except that I don’t.

Back to Amy, Nate, and Martha. Well, what to say? On Monday we took the 40 minute train ride over to Edinburgh (only £3.95 round trip! I am SO going to visit Edinburger [as Jennix calls it] more often!). I must say that I think they loved it. We only really had time to get lunch at that fabulous deli on High Street, go to Holyrood, and then get on a bus driven by a total idiot who got us lost on the way to Edinburgh Castle. We ended up walking further trying to find it then we would have if we had just walked straight up the hill. Live and learn I guess! We actually ended up so late at the Castle that they closed it around us and we had to bail before we could really see everything. It was still a lot of fun though!

Backing up just a little, I want to just say that I feel SO VERY justified thanks to those three. They too have discovered that every decision to go and do something has to be balanced against the very unfortunate reality that we must then come back up the hill and up the stairs. They are so cute! Even Martha (the fitness instructor) has troubles with them sometimes! Aw, bless.

So last night I had procured tickets for us to go and see the musical “Anything Goes!” A fun time was had by all. I can’t say too many nice things about the acting (and the ladies had NOTHING nice to say about the dancing), but all of us agreed that every single major cast member just had an amazing voice. If it was just a musical revue or something, it would have been perfect . . . especially considering all the hotties! After the show, we returned to the West End and hit The Loft, a pub/bar down at the bottom of the hill (right behind Hillhead underground station, and actually right above Grosvenor [pronounced “Grove-nor”] Cinema). Again a good time was had by all. The girls got a bit tipsy (and having vodka and redbulls, I was a bit dizzy too, which might have contributed to me accepting Nate’s gentle prodding to give my number to the beautiful bartender . . . I truly doubt she’ll call, but as the Lottery adverts say: You can’t win if you don’t play).

So I’ve wasted just about as much time as I can justify right now. I’ve got this presentation in about 3 hours and I still have another 25 pages or so to read of this VERY boring article (and in all fairness, I’m well over half way done . . . that’s how long this fricken’ “article” is).

Slainche — And Happy St. Patty’s Day! (<—- rant on that to follow)

"When most guys today
That women prize today
Are just silly gigolos . . .
Anything goes"
~Reno Sweeny – “Anything Goes”

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