I TOLD you that I wasn’t much good with these . . .

October 4th, 2002. That’s the last time I updated this. So that’s what, like a year and a half? Impressive, no? I think so. Let me just say that in the mean time I’ve had lots of other blogs, some of which even lasted a while. I had the dueling-bunnies.net blog for a couple of years, then I moved on to the now-abandoned sagittarii.com website. It was one of those things that was supposed to be for Carly (my now ex-wife) and me. I didn’t really feel like continuing to update it after she left me. Imagine that. Finally, I’ve moved on to www.sikenterprises.com. That’s where my current real blog is, and where it’ll stay.
Yes indeed, that does mean that I won’t likely be continuing to update this puppy. I’m just here checking out what some of my friends have been up to, and thought I would actually add some stuff myself. So if any of you actually want to know about me, you can check out my current blog here.
Hope you’re all groovy, and remember: Confidere Enecat.

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  1. Trust does kill, and my words of advice to you. Get over it. I love you dearly, however divorce happens to all of us. My first one was only a year and a half. It did fuck me up, but as my father pointed out, get over it. Said and done, move forward not suspended in time. The only person that is going to get you moving again is you, and if you want to wrap yourself in the inablitity to get over it, by all means, do so. You are only going to be hurting yourself and any chance for better change. She was not worth it in the beginning and she most certainly is not worth it now. I do love you, and yes I do keep up with you on your blog. You do not do well that far away from home, and I will say it now. Get your ass back home or at least in the U.S. Being that far away from a support system is going to hurt you even further,( fuck the god damn stupid ass debt,) and you being you, falling into a black depression is possible. There is not a soul out there to pull you back out, but if you were to be back home, at least there would be people to talk to, and well, lets be brutal here, people to bury you since you seem to keep trying to head that direction. Time to wake up love, get angry at me and throw things, because anything would be better than listening to you sob over someone that was never worth your love in the first fucking place.


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