“Why I have yet to travel in Europe” or “How can a flight to Spain cost as much as one to Arizona?”

This is just a short one, and I think the above title gives you more than a clue as to what bur has gotten under my saddle tonight. There I was, watching television this evening, when I suddenly had a small epiphany. “Self,” which is what I call myself in such introspective moments . . . “Self, you are right on the doorstep of Europe. Why have you lived in Britain for a combined amount of the better part of a year and yet spent only two and a half days in Paris?”

What in the world could have set off such an interest, you might be asking yourselves. Well, I must confess with some chagrin that I was watching the first season of Alias, which my Mom had sent me several months ago, but which I had never gotten around to watching. Anyway, in it, the ever-gorgeous Sydney Bristow went to a small town in Spain to recover some unlikely doo-hickey from a 500 year old church. It was of course just a sound stage in LA or something, but it was still beautifully done, and I decided that I would really really like to go and see something like that.

So I hopped online to the various airline websites looking for ticket prices to Madrid or Barcelona. WOW. We’re talking like 300 pounds here. That’s how much it takes for me to go home. I actually found some tickets to Spain through Ryanair for about 150 pounds after fees and taxes, but that actually takes me to Girona, which is outside of Barcelona (and I don’t know how far! When I flew out of “Paris,” I had to take an hour long train ride to get to the airport!), but with me having only the most rudimentary knowledge of Spanish, it’s probably not a good idea just now.

So alas I will not be taking off just because I can . . . though I’d really like to. I want to take this camera of mine out into the world and try to capture some of its beauty before I lose my chance! Speaking of which, I’m REALLY going to have to get me a scanner, because I’ve finally taken a roll of film that I like almost every picture! Granted, it’s black and white (which is always so easy anyway), but I still like them nonetheless!

So take care everyone. Stay chill.


“Soy un hombre muy honrado, Que me gusta lo mejor
Las mujeres no me faltan, Ni al dinero, ni el amor.
Jineteando en mi caballo, Por la sierra yo me voy
Las estrellas y la luna, Ellas me dicen donde voy”

(en ingles)
“I am an honored man, and I like what is best,
For I lack no woman, nor the money or the love.
On my horse I ride, through the mountains I go,
And the stars and the moon, they tell me where to go.”
~Antonio Banderas and Los Lobos – Cancion del Mariachi

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