“Wow, twice in one day. I know, it must be hormonal.”

Just so you all realize, that was a quote from the ever-hilarious PCU. As far as I’m aware, I have no hormonal imbalances that need to be monitored!

To be perfectly honest, I’ve been waiting to use that quote for a while now, and just haven’t had the chance to. Well now I do! I’ve finally done enough on this page that I feel like I can do a great big “show people around so they can wonder at my greatness” type of update. There are several things really. Let’s start at the beginning though. With this first link, a new page will open (and all subsequent links will appear in that same page . . . another nifty thing I just picked up!), taking you to the original site of www.sagittarii.com. There, you can see that I’ve put up a little do-hicky saying that there’s nothing there anymore, and I put a link back to this page. BUT (and that’s a big butt), if you just wait approximately 15 seconds, the page will automatically forward you to SIK Enterprises! Pretty cool, huh?!?

Next on our tour, please note that the home page, this page, and the art page all now have cool image banners on the top of them. Along the bottom of each of these pages you’ll also notice some new things. First is my seal in red, which is a link back to the home page, but also down there is a really nifty date and time stamp. I know I had something similar on sagittarii.com, but the cool thing about this is that it is actually just a bit of java script that means that I don’t have to remember to do it anymore! It does it automatically!

I also added a new page. Now all you lucky people have my address and phone numbers again on my contact page! Don’t you feel blessed? I thought you would! Now there really is no excuse for me to not get any packages! 😀

A final little coup is something that you’ve actually seen. I have redesigned the SIK Enterprises logo so that it will show up on black backgrounds. Now I have two logos, the original you can see on Nate’s Music Page, and the high visibility one you can see either on the Sagittarii page, or else on Nate and Amy’s Home Page.

Oh, and I almost forgot. Once again, please look at the URL bar on your browser. You should see my seal on a field of red. I think it’s really pretty, even if the visibility isn’t the best . . . Oh well.

Pretty groovy, huh? I think so!


“Wendy, you’re a bitch.
And Token. Right here buddy.”
~Stan Marsh – South Park – Episode 714 – “Raisins”

Finished and posted – 11:29 PM 1/23/2004 GMT

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