Now how did it get that late?!?!

I really have no idea how it got to be this late.  Last time I looked at the clock it was only about 11:15.  I was just sitting down at the computer to check my e-mail, then I was going to re-arrange the picture frames which I had hung yesterday.  Now I look up and it’s WAY past my bedtime (and more to the point, way past the peoples’ who live below me, who may not appreciate me banging nails at 2am)!

Quite happily, I’ve had a rather un-eventful day.  I managed to haul my butt out of bed this morning for my only class, which was in and of itself a miracle since I had once again managed to get only a handful of hours of sleep the night before (that makes three in a row!).  So anyway, I talked myself into going and then came right back here and took a damned nap!  Oh and it was so blissful.  Granted it was frequently interrupted, but that’s OK.  At least I got some sleep!

Another happy thing is that I got my second package of stuff from Mom this morning (THANKS MOM!).  This time it wasn’t nearly as exciting (read: no consumables), but there was my big ol’ duvet as well as the notepads that I’ve been tearing this apartment apart looking for, thinking that I had brought them in my suitcases.  At least I’m not going too crazy at the moment.  Ouch.  Actually, that’s something that’ll keep me awake even longer, as I have yet to cover that duvet, and I would REALLY like to sleep with it on the bed tonight!  Well, in that case I really probably should get going . . .

Take care everyone.


“His eyes they close
And his last breath spoke
He had seen all to be seen.
A life, once full,
Now an empty vase
Wilt the blossoms
On his early grave.”
~Flogging Molly – “What’s Left of the Flag”

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