Wow. Am I on a roll or what?

I know, I know . . . or what. Being as today is the second day of the short life of my precious little blog, I should really be good and update again. So here we are all once again, with me just kinda sitting here tapping away at the keyboard without much real idea of what to say. It reminds me so much of how I write my essays!So today was an interesting day. First off, I didn’t quite get to sleep until sometime after 3am (which is when I made myself stop watching the clock). I thought that would be OK though, since I didn’t have class until noon. Alas, the frickin’ fire alarm went off at about 8am again (this time in a scheduled drill . . . I don’t know which is worse: someone burning their breakfast and setting it off, or having sadistic hall monitors doing it for them), and when we were finally allowed back in, it was too late and I couldn’t fall back asleep. So, I got up and watched some Law and Order: Criminal Intent before heading off to CBDM. On my way in though, I ran into Alice and Suzanne who informed me that the seminar that had been scheduled for later in the day had been cancelled again (lots of “agains” in this post, did you notice?).

The long and short of it is that once again the Archaeology department has proven that they couldn’t possible be more inefficient if they tried. I understand that organizing and coordinating both teachers’ and students’ schedules can be a headache, but come on! The school has had well over half a millenia to figure this stuff out!

Instead of learning about queer theory in archaeology (which is actually a blessing, if you ask me!), I had a rather nice coffee with Alice, and we then met Suzanne in the City Centre for some shopping. More specifically I should say they met each other for some shopping. I tagged along on the subway so that I could go buy some picture frames and a video game (GTA-III and GTA-Vice City combo pack! Yipee!).

So yeah. That’s my day thus far. Chris, who has been actually working hard this term on his thesis, has declared a need for alcohol consumption this evening and has invited me along. I’m thinking that I will attend. I need to enjoy not having too much work while I have that luxury, because things are gonna get tight, and soon!


“It’s not a choice I tried to make
It’s not a thought I couldn’t take
Something told me it was time
To give you yours and leave me mine.
My vision started to be clear
I watched the sunlight coming near
I knew the day I knew the night
I knew I could regain my sight”
~Luscious Jackson – “Naked Eye”

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