Beginnings are always so auspicious . . .

Well well well. Here we go again.

We find ourselves once again back at the beginning. A whole new page, a whole new blog. Everything starting right back up where it ended . . . well, not entirely where it ended. In fact, I’d say that there have been plenty of things that have changed.

  • First, I’m now divorced. Most of you know that.
  • Second, well . . . there really is no second. All the changes kinda spring from the first.So you might be able to tell that in general I have a certain bitter air about me. That’s because I’m bitter. My now ex-wife would tell me that I need to get over it and start doing whatever it is I’m supposed to be doing. The only problem is that apparently unlike her, I have built all of my plans for the future
    on the basic idea that we would be doing all of this together as a team. Since that is not now the case, I’m having problems re-adjusting to things.

    But Ash, don’t you enjoy the freedom that comes from this? Well . . . no. Not at all. I liked having a wife. For the entirety of the eight months that we were married I liked having a wife. I have even always liked the idea of having a wife. So now that not only do I not have a wife, I’ve also lost the person that I depended upon most in this world, so (I think understandably) I feel a little bit adrift.

    But Ash, you’ve already gone three months without her. Isn’t this just more of the same? Nyet. We spoke every fricken’ day that I was gone. Plus there was the fact that the only thing that was holding me together emotionally was that I could look forward to a time when we could be together again. Now it just ain’t gonna happen. I don’t have ANYONE to talk to anymore, and I don’t really have anything to look forward to. Yipee for me! I’ve got no love life, no prospects, I’m overweight, drowning in a program I don’t like and really don’t understand, and as an added bonus I still haven’t heard a thing about whether or not I’ve been accepted into the History programme! WAHOO!!!

    Sorry for that. I know that no one likes a whiner, and I promise not to be that bad in the future. I just needed to get it out of me a bit. It’s been hard, and like I said, I haven’t had anyone that I’ve really felt like I could talk to (and while I know my family are out there, there’s only so much that can be of help over a phone!)

    So anyway, there is the founding message of my SIK Enterprises blog. Like I said, pretty auspicious, isn’t it? I promise to try and make it better later. Plus it may not last long on this site. Spence and I are talking about putting a blog site up at Just a little tribute to Labyrinth. Take care everyone!


    “For we’re the kings of it all!

    From the day we were born

    Now we’re the kings of the Kilburn High.

    Sure we’ll always take a drop,

    And we’ll never leave a sup

    Your empty glass is but a tear filled eye.

    We were the kings of the Kilburn High.”

    ~Flogging Molly – The Kilburn High Road

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