Mornings were invented by a sadist.

Don’t get me wrong, I love watching the sun rise over the mountains. It’s one of the more beautiful things in this world . . . but I want to go to bed afterwards. Dawn should be on the other end of the “going to bed, getting up” spectrum. Now, even though I love this phenomenon, I curse it with all the strength in my soul (which hasn’t been much recently. I’ve gotta quit those spiritual cigarettes, they’re killers).

Today I get to go and listen to a guest lecture about the role of the woman in Sufism. For those of you who don’t know (for your sake, I hope all of you), Sufism is a branch of Islam which is heretical (think the relationship between Catholicism and Protestantism . . . now throw in praying 5 times a day. Almost there). The ironic part of this then, is that women generally didn’t have a part in any Islamic practicing. While it is true that women were given more leeway in Sufism than in any other part, that still doesn’t say much for it. Anyway, I’m not excited. I’m bringing homework from another class so that I won’t actually fall asleep during the lecture.

Other than that, nothing really exciting. I’m turning in my thesis proposal to my advisor today. I’m also going to my other advisor to get him to sign off on my graduation. Loads of fun and excitement!

Take it sleazy,

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