My, what a blah day.

On Sunday I leave for the great . . . something . . . north (not really white right now, is it?). I’m taking an entirely too long a car ride to stay enirely too short a time in Denver so that I can make sure that the incomparable Klairice doesn’t trip and fall down the stairs while drunk at her going away party. That’ll be fun! Actually, it really will be. There’s no single group of people who are more fun to sit back and watch while they’re drunk off their asses then a bunch of (vaguely ex-) Rennies.

But then of course I’ll have to come home. That won’t be cool. Don’t really have a choice, mind . . . but what can you do?

Have you noticed that I don’t actually HAVE a topic to discuss with you folks today? I’m just sitting here trying to filibuster long enough so that I can justify actually taking up web space with this particular blog.

Have a day.

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