I am a wiggly, jiggly, sexy mo-fo!

Not really, but I thought that such an outrageous subject might be fun. In all actuality I am a pretty normal homebody who is vaguely freaked out about a couple of things. One of them can’t be helped: I start classes tomorrow . . . something that is never entirely good. The other is that I watched the primary gubernatorial debates for the state of Arizona tonight (the second half of the asses and all of the ele-fucks). There’s something sublimely painful in listening to a bunch of grown men and women give “the stupidest answer[s] to legitmate question[s]” (“Mallrats”). They hem, they haw, and when all else fails, they talk about the religious good will tours that they took when they were in Congress (Thank you very much Matt Salmon! You can talk all you want about being accepting of other religions, but you’re still a Mormon bigot . . . oh, and insinuating atheists don’t have consciences because they don’t have a dogma backing it up was really clever, jackass . . . I mean ele-fuck).

As you can see I have very little patience for most of the candidates this time around. Granted, Newcomb and Gutierez (sp?) had some interesting and refreshing comments, and Gutierez even did the most gutsy thing I’ve seen in a long time and suggested that yes, he was in fact willing to raise taxes if that’s what it takes. But beyond those couple of shining moments, I thought the whole experience could best be classified as a mondo waste of programming time . . . Next time round, I was an arena, some sand, and a couple of swords for each candidate. Trial by combat should never have gone out of style . . .


  1. Uggh, Joe. No, as far as I’m aware, he isn’t going to be sticking his big ugly nose into this thing. Thank the gods and pass the nose plugs. He was making noises at running for either governor or mayor, but I have heard no word at all. That doesn’t mean that he isn’t going to keep doing the “good work” he’s been doing all these years . . . ra. go team. ra.


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