A founding message . . .

Hallo peoples. Thought I’d just put a little note in here for the founding post to my happy little Blog. First, I want to thank the lovely and talented Klaire for pointing me in this direction. While I have had several pages of this sort before, the one which is on my home page (www.dueling-bunnies.net) has recently been given over to my fledgling web development company and the information page for the musical artist Nate Marshall (check it out if you get the chance).

Anywho, I got back from San Diego just recently, and I will be starting school the 26th of August, so between now and then I find myself trying to find a job that won’t be too terribly miserable. If anyone reading this has a place for me, drop me a line!

Hope everyone who reads this is having a decently OK day. Life is acceptably good, and most of the people I know have good health . . . what else can one ask for?

Peace and waffles folks,


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